Vaqueros Means ‘Cowboys’

Paraguayan Vaqueros

4 thoughts on “Vaqueros Means ‘Cowboys’”

    1. Smartypants. I was only going from the caption in the Book Of Knowledge Annual 1949. I am sure their copy-editing is suspect. I defer to you in all matters of course, but especially those having to do with foreign words.

    1. Britt, It is from a book called The Book of Knowledge Annual 1949. I collect old textbooks and books like these. This was from a section on Paraguay. Frankly, I thought they were gauchos, but the book called them vaqueros. So, I think the halter top is a vest? But for sure those are chaps. I think these guys look kinda bad ass myself. Look for more to come from The Book of Knowledge. It is a deep well of obscurity!

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