This is my house on Mars

Hundertwasser Model
Hundertwasser On Mars

When I posed the question to my Facebook friends “If I were to write about something in a blog, what is it that you would want to read about?” the response was overwhelmingly “whatever!”. Which is better than just “whatever.” But I liked the way my friend

Mollie said it, in a list of suggested random topics she said, “What would your house on Mars look like?” Well, I happen to know exactly what my house on Mars would look like. But also, I took a liking to the phrase. I like Mars. It’s my ruling planet, as an Aries, if you go in for that sort of thing. Mars is fiery, and the planet of war, and it’s also the planet where Martians come from. It’s got a lot going for it. Which is why I set up my blog there.


One thought on “This is my house on Mars”

  1. I have always imagined Mars to be barren and lifeless… and now I see that that is simply NOT the case. Quite to the contrary, it seems to be a spiritual and cultural hotbed. How could have we overlooked the Red Planet for so long?
    Kudos to the little green men… especially the prolific little green boys and girls.

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