Baby Come Back

I know I took you for granted. I expected you to just give, give give, and all I did was take. But as the tow truck driver turned the winch and I watched you lurch onto the back of the platform truck, I realized how much you really mean to me 2002 Volkswagen Jetta wagon.

Remember when you needed new wipers for like 8 months? I'm sorry.

Yes, I should have changed your oil a little more frequently and I let the kids eat all manner of sticky things in you and put stickers up all over your windows. Worst of all, I ignored all your subtle cues, the things I can only see now in retrospect. The way you slipped a little going into fourth gear. The Engine Light Scare just before Christmas. Why did I ignore the signs? Oh, If only I could go back in time baby, I would take you to the mechanic for semi-annual tune-ups and give you only synthetic oil. Honest I would.

Oh, who am I fooling? We all knew you were too good to last. I was never cut out for a car like you. And now you’re going to make me pay. Well, I’m not going to let it ruin me. I’ve already been cruising craigslist for your replacement and even thought of writing my own ad:

Woman Seeking Reliable Car for LTR. Broke but loyal; I am a one-car-at-a-time kind of woman. Must be suitable for long road trips through frozen wastelands as well as daily abuse in urban traffic. Only serious inquiries please, I’m tired of games. Let’s meet and rev your engine and see where it goes from there!

I’ve even considered some car sharing programs. Pretty wild, eh? Yeah, well you’ve really left me a mess 2002 Volkswagen Jetta wagon, and only I am left to pick up the pieces of your fickle love.

But I have a feeling this isn’t over yet. You’ll be back. Oh, you’ll need to go to a repair shop and “find yourself” I’m sure. All the while I’ll be biding my time, catching busses and waiting for your return. It will be different from here on in. Only the best for you. Just please come back to me – you were the only car I ever really loved. I’ll be better next time, promise.


7 thoughts on “Baby Come Back”

  1. Your casual mention of the “Engine Light Scare” has me…well, scared. As a VW owner. And as someone who is, although maybe a little curious, definitely afraid of car-sharing. Thank God I have a husband who changes oil and wiper blades. Hoping you can somehow patch things up…or move on in safety.

    1. Reliable sources assure me that the cause of the Engine Light Scare (ironically?) had nothing to do with the engine failure. The engine light is like an irregular pap – might be serious, but often inconclusiv and no cause for alarm. And then this is like a whole separate heart-attack I think. Yeah.

  2. So sad. Such a short relationship. Optomistic me says maybe it can recover or possibly get a new heart (engine). I pray for its return.

  3. I think its sad that you’ve given up on her/him (did you even give it a name?) so quickly. If one of your children has kidney failure are you going to have them repaired or just chuck ’em on the slagheap? C’mon now!

    1. No, I didn’t even give her a name, which only underscores how little I appreciated her. When she was being towed away, I thought she should have been called Betsy. I’m not giving up on her though… as I said, I think she’ll be back. However, my neglect is costing me a pretty penny.

  4. I really don’t think you neglected her that much… by American car owner standards, I think your neglect was about average. Stop beating yourself up… cars wear out.

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